Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, I'm starting a blog (as you can tell). It's kind of like finally getting cable in 1993. I resisted the allure, mostly because I won't be able to stop myself from posting bad poetry or a quasi-intellectual rant or two. Then I won't live it down. But, I think I'm going to embrace my mediocrity - express it - wear it like two-bit drag queen wears a rhinestone tiara. With illusions of grander.

Therefore, if you have something poisonous to say....I don't care. I already know what ever it is you think will enlighten me - this is stupid, banal, boring, oh! and don't forget narcissistic, etc. So go read something else. Next blog will have a craft tutorial, Victorian cone puppets. By the way, my look for summer? Steve Nicks tropi-goth. Get into it.